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Beach Essentials

Posted: May 27 2015

Planning your next vacation? You need to bring all of the must-have beach essentials! Here's Rosewood's top list of everything you are for sure to need this summer! Via Pinterest.
1. Sunscreen

You need to protect your skin from all of the UV rays bearing down. Try a homemade sunscreen or use naturals oils like almond, coconut, raspberry, and shea butter to protect your skin!


2. Beach towel


Cuddle up on an adorable beach towel. Our favorite is this customized, monogrammed towel from Etsy!


3. Tumbler

Hydrate by the pool or by the beach with a fashionable tumbler. Get this striped tumbler by Kate Spade that we adore.


4. Lip Balm

You need to sooth and hydrate your lips so that they do not get burned by the sun. Try a homemade orange kiss flavored lip balm via Etsy!


5. Sunglasses

Don't forget your fabulous shades! We love these cat-eyed sunglasses!


6. Reading Material

Want to read some juicy gossip or solve a crime? Bring along Cosmopolitan magazine or any other good magazine for your own pleasure or any nonfictional novel. We recommend New York's Best Seller's list nonfiction book, Leaving Time, by Jodi Picoult.

7. Cover-Up

From the hotel, to the beach, to the restaurant, you will need a beach cover-up. Try a bright color with lace detailing, via Nordstrom.


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