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MADE IT MONDAY: How to embellish baby onesies...

Posted: Apr 07 2014

Made it Monday


This monday Rosewood's DIY project is How to make your own onesie art. We were inspired to try Cricut's  gold glitter Iron-on Vyinl.

BEWARE: It's kind of addicting!



Materials needed:

Iron Adhesive can be purchase at Joann's 

Rubber cement

Onesie or garment of your choice

Clip art ( your choice)


Iron and Ironing board




1. First choose your clip art and print it out the size you would like it to be on your garment. If your doing font it needs to be printed out backwards.Then cut out clip art.

2. Apply rubber cement on the back of your clip art and place it on the edge of your vinyl. This is so it make it easy to cut your image out.

3. Cut out your shape and peel your clip art off the vinyl. Make sure to get all rubber cement off.

4. Place vinyl on garment (dull side on fabric and sparkle side up.

5. Place a scrap of fabric over the image and then iron vinyl to the garment. Iron for 15-30 sec on front and then flip garment over and iron 15-30sec on the back of the garment.

additional instructions here

6. Peel off top layer of plastic and iron again. Ta da! your done!



Rosewood Girls


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